Bachelorette Party Planning and Ideas

6 Bachelorette Party Planning Tips

Are you the lucky one chosen to plan the bachelorette party? As the official party planner, you have a big responsibility, but that doesn't mean that you need to feel stressed. Following these six tips for bachelorette party planning will help make putting together the perfect party a simple task.

  • Establish a Budget

    Before you get down to any serious bachelorette party planning, it's important that you consider finances. Are you paying for the event yourself or are you splitting the costs with someone else? Will everyone pay their own way and then share the cost of the bride's portion of the outing? Determine the cash situation up front and come up with a firm budget to keep the evening affordable.

  • Consider the Bride

    When you're planning a bachelorette party, it's important to remember what the bride wants. Make the evening about her and choose activities and venues that will appeal to her and reflect her values.

  • Keep Things Organized

    Planning a bachelorette party can get stressful quickly if you don't stay on top of all of the details. Set up a folder in your Inbox for emails about the big day and keep a paper file for any receipts, contracts and other important documents. Make to-do lists and come up with a day-by-day plan that spells out how you'll get everything done in time for the big day.

  • Double Check the Guest List

    You may think you know exactly whom the bride will want at the bachelorette party, but it's always best to check with her before you mail invitations or send out evites. The last thing you want is to leave someone out or to invite someone the bride would prefer not be in attendance.

  • Plan Ahead

    Don't leave anything to chance when it comes to bachelorette party planning. Make reservations in advance and contact any bars or clubs that you plan to visit ahead of time to make sure that you'll get in as planned. Having concrete goes smoothly and show the bride that you care.

  • Don't Forget Safety

    If the night is going to involve drinking, make sure that you add securing safe transportation to the bachelorette party planning. Have designated drivers or hire a limousine or party bus to drive all of the attendees.

5 Great Bachelorette Party Ideas

  • 1.

    Establish a Budget

    The bachelorette party is the celebration of the bride's last outing as a single lady, and if it's your job to come up with the bachelorette party ideas, you want to make sure that you treat her to something that she'll remember forever. Nowadays, bachelorette parties can be way more than basic bar crawls. Here are five creative ideas for bachelorette parties that can help you plan a unique night out that the bride is sure to love:

  • 3.

    VIP Night

    Booking bottle service at a swanky club is a great bachelorette party idea for the bride who enjoys getting the VIP treatment. By booking bottle service in advance, the ladies at the party will have a place to congregate like celebrities for an evening.

  • 5.

    A Day of Pampering

    Wedding planning can be very stressful, so treating the bride to a day of relaxation with her best girlfriends is a great idea for a bachelorette party. Book a group package at a local spa with a light lunch or cocktails to follow.

  • 2

    Fun Themes

    Thinking about the bride's interests can help you come up with great bachelorette party ideas. If she loves 80s music, head out to an 80s night event at a club dressed in your favorite fashions from the decade. Is she a super fan of a particular television show, book or movie? Plan a night inspired by her favorite characters and settings.

  • 4.

    A Lucky Night

    A night at a casino can prove to be a memorable bachelorette party. The bride and her besties can try their luck on the slot machines and at the tables and take breaks to sip cocktails or sit down for a great meal or buffet. Plus, many casinos have nightly entertainment, so you can take a break from gambling if lady luck doesn't prove to be on your side.

  • 6.

    Musical Fun

    If the bride is a natural performer, letting her show off her stuff at a karaoke bar is the perfect bachelorette party idea. Karaoke will bring out the divas in all of the event attendees and make for an evening filled with music, laughter and plenty of memories.